Happy Bi awareness day! Bi people exist and it’s not a phase, a facade or a trick! We are also not greedy 😌 thanks and have a nice day!


How can people see Emma Watson being verbally attacked online and threatened with hacked nudes being released by men because of her speech on gender equality and still think we don’t need feminism. It’s not women who make men out to be some evil creatures, you guys do that well enough on your own.




i find it interesting that when it comes to liking girls I’m just like GIRLS ALL GIRLS YES PERFECT GIRLS but with boys i’m like you must fit criteria 1-9 but 9 is optional only if you completely fill criteria 10-13 with a non-optional essay on 21st century sexism due by 5am

I don’t call that interesting. More like “prejudice” “discrimination” or “inherent bias”

could someone please come pick up their crying child

  • person: but what if your parents had aborted YOU
  • me: well okay for starters i wouldn't have been forced to hear that stupid ass comment you just made
  • *sherlock sneezes for the first time in john's presence*
  • john:
  • sherlock:
  • john:
  • sherlock:
  • john: that was the most adorable thing I have ever hear-
  • sherlock: SHUT UP
  • just-troylerthings:


    "all gays will go to hell"

    oh noooo…. what will i do… surrounded with ……. nothing ……. but other homosexuals……….. u win this round……… god